Equestrian Vaulting USA Competition Management System  Use Fees - 2023

As the EVUSA moves toward modernizing its competition management protocols, the EVUSA Board has updated its fee structure policies for using EVUSA-provided online vaulting competition management systems. Due to COVID-19-related delays in deploying the new HorseSport.pro competition management system, the following fees will now be collected from Competition Managers who use either CompWeb or the new HorseSport.pro system.

Recognized Competitions will continue to pay a Recognition fee upon application for EVUSA Recognition, and they remit $8 per participating vaulter to the EVUSA after their competition (fees were previously $7 per participating vaulter; increase of $1 per vaulter starting in 2021). These fees apply to all vaulters competing at the EVUSA Recognized competition, including vaulters competing in Fun Fest classes being held at the Recognized competition.  If Fun Fest classes are held on a separate day from the EVUSA Recognized competition, Unrecognized Competition per vaulter fees are due (see below, Unrecognized Competitions).

Unrecognized Competitions which use CompWeb or HorseSport.pro will be required to remit $3 per participating vaulter to the EVUSA after their competition. Exceptions to this policy are competitions offering only barrel events, or CVIs; these types of competitions will be charged $1 per participating vaulter for competition system usage

All payments will be submitted to the EVUSA National Office.