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This website is an avenue for clubs registered with the American Vaulting Association to register for competitions online.  The hosts of a competition will e-mail participating clubs with a link to this website and a password to register.  If you have any questions, contact the host of the competition, not the AVA National Office.

This program has been authorized for club registrations, for AVA Recognized Competitions, by the AVA Board of Directors. It is not owned or maintained by the American Vaulting Association, but is provided by a volunteer programmer at no cost to the AVA.

Fest Managers wanting to use CompWeb to help manage a fest need to email Russ Hobby <Russ.Hobby@hobbyfamily.org> with competition name and date.
Fest Managers and Coaches are welcome to use these Information Manuals on how to best use this site (manuals are in draft form):

New 2010 Draft of CompWeb Manager's Quick Start Manual in pdf format
New 2010 Draft of CompWeb Scoring Quick Start Manual in pdf format
New 2010 Draft of CompWeb Volunteer Quick Start Manual in pdf format

New 2009 Draft of CompWeb Fest Manger's Manual in pdf format
New 2009 Draft of CompWeb Coach's Entry Manual in pdf format
New 2009 Draft of CompWeb Scoring Reports and Scoring Manager's Manual in pdf format

These files may take a few minutes to download depending on your connection speed.
Adobe Reader can be downloaded for free if you need help opening the pdf files.

CompWeb News

Welcome to 2019 and a new vaulting year

There have been some changes to the AVA Rules and CompWeb since last year. If you are an event manager using CompWeb here are things of which you should know.

New Class:

A new class has been added, the Individual 3* class. The 3* class will consist of Compulsories, Tech Test, and Freestyle sections. Vaulters must qualify for this class and it is competition managements responsibility to verify for each competitor. See AVA Rulebook Article 103.2 for specifics.

Current Class and CompWeb Changes:

Gold class will now consist of Compulsories and two Freestyles sections. Silver sections will consist of Compulsories, Freestyle, and compulsories to the right (no second freestyle). Bronze through the Individual 3* are now one round.

Event managers may still want to do a cut before the final section in Bronze through Individual 3* classes. CompWeb has a new Section Combination Report that will provide an average of the first two section, similar to the old Round Report. The Section Combination Report should be used to determine the cut selection, not the former Round Report. Please note, Junior classes still have a second option round and will use the Round Report. A list of all Standard Classes with the changes above can be found Here.

In support of the new rules some improved reports have been created. There are now reports for the 2-3 Judges, Combination/Round, and Overall. The new reports will work with all classes and number of judges. The "Set files to use with Class and Section" page will guide you in the selection of these reports. Currently these reports will be used only for Bronze through individual 3*. However over time they should be available for all classes. The new reports also the use of any Section Letter (A,B,C,D,E). You will find that the three section classes mentioned above use sections A, B and C.

For event managers that use Offered Classes saved from a previous event be sure to edit the class to have them conform to the Standard Class definition.

An issue that came up last year was the use of temporary AVA numbers. Event managers often use “T” and two digits (e.g. T12) for vaulters who have not yet registered with the AVA. However there are valid AVA members with some of these numbers. Use of a temporary T## number format can cause confusion. It is suggested that for temporary AVA numbers “T” followed by a dash and two digits (e.g. T-12) be used. This will not conflict with any existing AVA numbers.

Under the “Invited Clubs” section the email invitation section has been redone. Emails now use the compweb@americanvaulting.org account for sending. Reply-to is set to the person doing the sending so that replys to the message should work correctly. There is also an option to send general messages to the invited clubs that can be used for updates and reminders.

Have a successful vaulting year. If you have problems or questions contact Russ Hobby <russ.hobby@hobbyfamily.org>

Competitions available for online registration at this time are listed below.
Please select your event and log in.

CompWeb Scoring, Competition Selection, Click Here

If you have a different CompWeb site displayed in another window or tab, any form submitted from that display will be submitted to the site you select here

--- 2019 ---
USEF/AVA National Championships and MO Fun Fest Aug 7, 2019 through Aug 11, 2019
Keystone Fallfest Sep 28, 2019 through Sep 29, 2019 (AVA Recognized)
U-Vault Oct 4, 2019 through Oct 5, 2019 (AVA Recognized)
Region V Octoberfest Oct 5, 2019 through Oct 6, 2019 (AVA Recognized)
Redwings Fall Round Up Oct 5, 2019 through Oct 6, 2019 (AVA Recognized)
Morning Star Fest Oct 6, 2019
Region IV OctoberFest Oct 11, 2019 through Oct 13, 2019 (AVA USEF Recognized)
Two Step Revolution Benefit Show Oct 12, 2019 through Oct 13, 2019
Mt Eden Halloween Fest Oct 26, 2019
New England Halloween Fest Oct 26, 2019 (AVA Recognized)
AVA Region 1 Championships and Circus Arts Clinic Nov 9, 2019 through Nov 11, 2019
SVVC MOVIE Fall/Winter Competition Series Nov 10, 2019
North Valley Autumn Fest Nov 16, 2019
Fantabulous Fall Faux Fest Nov 24, 2019
RRVs Jingle Bell Challenge II Dec 1, 2019 through Dec 31, 2019
Pacific Coast Vaulting Club Winter Barrel Fest Dec 15, 2019
--- 2020 ---
SVVC Movie Barrel Competition Jan 18, 2020
Tambourine Barrel Fest Feb 8, 2020
TEVC Intrasquad Feb 21, 2020 through Feb 22, 2020
SVVC Movie Barrel Competition Feb 23, 2020
Carnival in Norco 2020 Mar 1, 2020 (AVA Recognized)
Funfest and Clover Mar 13, 2020 through Mar 15, 2020
U-Vault Mar 20, 2020 through Mar 22, 2020 (AVA USEF Recognized)
Barreling Into Spring 2020 Mar 21, 2020 through Mar 21, 2021
WinterGreen USEF/AVA Mar 28, 2020 through Mar 29, 2020 (AVA USEF Recognized)
CANCELLED - Great Falls Vaulters Early Spring Barr Mar 28, 2020
Woodside Winter Fest Mar 29, 2020 (AVA Recognized)
Keystone Spring Fest Apr 4, 2020 through Apr 5, 2020 (AVA Recognized)
Falconwood Vaulters Spring Fest Apr 18, 2020 through Apr 19, 2020 (AVA Recognized)
Mozart Memorial Vaulting Classic Apr 18, 2020 through Apr 19, 2020 (AVA USEF Recognized)
Mount Holyoke May Day Fest May 2, 2020
North Valley Spring Showcase May 3, 2020
Garrods Spring Classic May 16, 2020 through May 17, 2020 (AVA USEF Recognized)
CVI Pacific Cup May 28, 2020 through May 31, 2020 (USEF Recognized)

Below are sites being used for testing

Test Event

If you have a different CompWeb site displayed in another window or tab, any form submitted from that display will be submitted to the site you select here

Contact your Regional Supervisor or the Fest Manager if you have any questions concerning online registration.  Visit the American Vaulting Association website for contact information.